2022 Visa Pour L’Image

In 2013, I announced on my blog that the one and only Jean-François Leroy had called to inform me that my work on sexual assault in America’s military had been honored with the Canon Female Photojournalist Award

The following year, the resulting work was featured in a solo exhibition in the beautiful Salvador Dali Gallery at the Couvent des Minimes during Visa Pour L’Image.

Thus began my very special relationship with Visa Pour L’Image, the premierephotojournalism festival held each year in Perpignan, France. 

I was able to further this work with support from the Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography in 2016 and Jean-François generously presented it in a screening under the stars at the lovely Campo Santo in Perpignan.

In 2021, Annie Boulat and LaScam awarded me the Pierre and Alexandra Boulat Grant and once again I am pleased that the resulting work will be presented on September 1, 2022, in an evening projection at Visa Pour L’Image. I will not be able to attend the festival this year and I am sorry I will miss seeing everyone.

Thank you to Jean-François Leroy and the entire Visa Pour L’Image family, Canon, Getty Images, LaScam and dear Annie Boulat for continuing to give voice to the women and men I interviewed and photographed for this body of work. 

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