1. Festival della Fotografia Etica

    2018-10-15 21:31:00 UTC
    The Festival della Fotografia Etica will exhibit Mary’s work: “The Battle Within: Sexual Assault in America’s Military,” in the In Depth-Analysis Area of the festival October 6-28 in Lodi, Italy.

  2. Guggenheim Fellows and the Lady in the Fur Coat

    2017-06-06 17:18:00 UTC
    During the first week of April 2017, I received some very good news in the form of correspondence from Edward Hirsch, President of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. The letter informed me that I had been named a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in photography Each…

  3. Hamlin Fistula USA

    2016-12-19 21:09:00 UTC
    In May, I was commissioned by Hamlin Fistula USA to visit their patients at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to document with stills, video and audio, the reintegration program they have implemented. This wonderful organization treats Ethiopian women suffering from a devastating childbirth injury known as Obstetric…

  4. 2016 World Press Photo Contest

    2016-04-25 20:14:00 UTC
    Three years ago, my husband, photojournalist Joseph M. Eddins Jr., alerted me to the ongoing crisis of sexual assault in America’s military. Since then, I have produced a body of work dedicated to showing the human toll behind the shocking statistic of an estimated 21,000 sexual assaults committed each year…

  5. Keep Cool and Carry a Trumpet

    2014-10-31 15:36:00 UTC
    Every so often I like to re-visit my subjects from completed projects. Several years ago I did a story I called “Birth of the Cool” (sort of an ode to Miles Davis) about a young trumpet prodigy named Geoffrey Gallante At the age of six, Geoff had perfect pitch and…

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